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Straight From The Heart

The Heart Of Authenticity. From the trenches as a firefighter and a blue collar laborer to over 30 years highly effective corporate executive, entrepreneur, president and chairman in the civic, government , education and law enforcement, Rick Forgay has consistently generated multi-million dollar revenues, transformational advancements and international award winning recognition for professionalism, innovative sales and marketing, extraordinary teamwork and goal achievement. Rick’s life lessons are transformed into powerful insights that expand the possibilities and get straight to the heart of your success.

Call To Action

“Never Insult Anyone By Asking Too Little Of Them, Starting With Yourself.” Rick inspires immediate action with actual words, tools and processes used to generate multi-million dollar revenues, customer amazement, extraordinary teamwork and unforgettable experiences time and again. Rick’s highly interactive approach, “Rickism’s” and dynamic presence naturally and energetically engages participants from start to finish. The knowledge shared can be instantly applied to create extraordinary success in your personal and professional life. Keynotes and Conference Programs are fully customized to target your organizations desired impact and theme. “The Magic Just Happens!”

Customizable Keynote and Conference Presentations Include:

  • Business Leadership Mastery

    Secrets For Growing Your Business And Enjoying Your Life In Any Economy

  • Turning Coal To Diamonds In Business and Life

    Mastering The Process To Transform Any Adversity Into Prosperity

  • 3 Simply Powerful Rules For Lifelong Success

    Raising Your Bar Of Expectation As Individuals And Unified Teams


Unforgettable Experience

Contagious Inspiration. Make your next event a one-of-a-kind experience that will last a lifetime.