• “Rick Forgay is an engaging and knowledgeable professional. His Business Leadership Mastery Course is not to be missed. Highly effective mentor and coach. His approach to teaching is both innovative and captivating! I highly recommend his services anytime.”
  • Elizabeth Goss, Site Manager
    Alliance Imaging
  • “Rick’s coaching accelerated my success as I transitioned from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world. It was definitely a new challenge for me when I bought a small personal training studio in need of turn around, and launched my own consulting firm. I thought I knew business, but Rick gave me a unique perspective on running my own businesses. He worked with me to provide the tools and traction to set realistic goals, stay focused, and assess progress in a very practical way. He was available and motivating. In one short year, my fitness business more than doubled in revenues, earnings and clients. My consulting business went from concept to very respectable profits in the same year.” . I would recommend Rick and Business Leadership Mastery to anyone serious about accelerating results and taking their business to the next level.”
  • Robert L. Fricchione, Managing Principal
    Twinbrook Associates, LLC
  • “Your method of teaching is very direst and succinct. There is no beating around the bush, just plain English spoken in a very easy to understand format. Not only do you teach in a seminar setting, but you encourage all of the class members to meet separately and actually give us reasons/initiatives that makes us want to reach out and connect with other class members . It’s your way of facilitating a way for all of us to “play well together”. Networking is a big part of business life and you enable us all to be part of a new circle of influence. During my time with you my team increased their sales results by 35%. I was also able to close on two big clients valued at $500,000 a year in revenue. I appreciate all you have done for me and my class members and can’t wait for another learning opportunity with you at the head of the class.”
  • Paul Gelinas
    CEO and Entrepreneur
  • “In five months Rick Forgay helped me save my business from pending foreclosure and helped me triple revenue. His to-the-point coaching style gets results. Rick gave me the tools to organize my day focused on what he calls champion chip goals ~ the ones that grow your business. Through his unique coaching, I became confident, goal oriented, and focused. He helped find untapped markets, showed me the importance of partnering with others, and I learned the word delegate. Once you catch on to his marketing calendar it is like a game. I keep score, track our marketing campaigns, and work three to six months out. I was once wallowing in paperwork, not sleeping, and worried about money. Now, I am going to the Carribean for two weeks! Everyone needs a coach and most can write an impressive resume. If you are looking for results get Rick Forgay, the Business Leadership that works.”
  • Nancy Kotowitz, Owner
    Shaker Farms Country Club
  • “Rick’s real-world leadership experience definitely works. He helped me gain clarity and focus on every challenge I shared with him. His effective coaching process not only made me a better leader in my company, he has also helped me to enjoy greater life balance as a father, husband, volunteer and contributor to my community. The impact on my life was extraordinary AND immediate. I highly recommend you use Rick to guide you through his leadership mastery process. Enjoy and prosper.”
  • Chris Buendo, Energized Co-Publisher
    Reminder Publications, Inc.
  • Rick Forgay is a man of sterling character who is passionate about making a difference in the world, leaving a legacy of truth and freedom. Devoted to his clients, Rick pierces the veils to reveal the essence of issues and settles for nothing less. He is a man to be admired and an extremely competent coach,speaker and writer.”
  • Joan C. King, Ph.D., Author of The Code of Authentic Living and
    Cellular Wisdom for Women, Speaker, Coach and Coach Trainer.
  • “Rick is an inspiration to work with. Through his Business Leadership Mastery coaching, he has helped me in short order to identify clear and direct paths to achieve the balance in my life that I had been seeking, yet all, without sacrificing or jeopardizing what I have worked to attain and aspire to in my personal and professional endeavors. His ways improve productivity, decrease waste and thus increase profits in and effective and enjoyable manner.”
  • Todd Cieplinski, President
    Universal Mind (Inc. 500)
  • “The executive team and individual coaching has made me a better business owner and leader. What I learned and applied allows me to succeed beyond my wildest dreams.”
  • Larry Grenier, President and CEO
    Grynn & Barrett Photo Studios
  • “Your presentation exceeded even my very high expectations. Even after a half hour of Q&A, no one wanted to leave. Your generosity in staying to answer questions went way above and beyond. I love how you not only give a path for implementing your techniques but you also make it EASY! As the event planner, thank you for making my job so easy and making me look good. Thank you for an outstanding event; you are a treasure.”
  • Claudia Gere
    Claudia Gere & Co. LLC
  • “Many thanks for your excellent presentation “TOP SECRETS For Growing Your Business and Enjoying Your Life In Any Economy.” I have received many positive comments on how participants immediately applied your knowledge to their business and personal life. I highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in changing their way of working with real-world situations, improving real-time leadership and meeting team challenges to produce a positive result through a proactive leadership process.”
  • Lynn F. Boscher, Executive Director
    Westfield Chamber Of Commerce
  • “Rick Forgay evoked the hidden confidence and unified teamwork in a group of diverse business executives, managers, medical staff and sales managers. He tested our metal and leadership values, that ultimately guided the cultural value system of each respective business unit. His method also works to improve personal leadership beyond our business lives and effective organization in all aspects of life. I personally draw on a many of the key facets of the Business Leadership Mastery Program well as in my personal relationship with Rick. Firstly, having fun is a top three core value of mine. I now apply my core values daily in all facets of my life. Knowing how important this is behind family and security helps keep me balanced by driving the adventurer behind my pragmatic approach to life in general. Rick also taught us to never insult anyone by asking too little of them beginning with myself.”
  • Steve Ovren, CEO
    Connect(X) Healthware
  • “Rick’s business mastery skills immediately set him apart from other business leaders I have met. His coaching style offers inspiration and guidance without judgment and was pivotal in helping me discover exactly why my business was struggling and consuming my life. In just a few short months, I have a clearly written business plan, an executive overview of my company and a written daily schedule which allows me to enjoy more of life’s pleasures. Rick’s excellent coaching, visionary leadership and powerful tools have led me to define my own purpose, mission, vision and values which now drive my business. Gaining clarity about my business goals, taking inspired action and achieving more balance in my life has allowed me to raise the bar for what I thought was possible for myself. Working with Rick has transformed my approach to life and business. Thank you, Rick!”
  • Cynthia Sheridan Murphy, Owner
    Weight Won Dynamics
  • “From showing me how to set priorities and stay on track at work and in life, to guiding me on life purpose, vision, and long-term goal-setting, Rick has consistently provided perspective, wisdom, and practical tools to help me not only define my goals, but, most importantly, lay out measurable steps to achieve them. He not only has helped me articulate my dreams and goals, he’s shown me ways to achieve them. Breakthrough stuff!" ”
  • Eddy Goldberg, Managing Editor
    Franchise Update Media Group
  • “Rick Forgay knows how to keep his word. I have seen him excel under pressure. And handle adversity with dignity. He's a kind of 'true grit' for bringing out the excellence in people. He's risen to leadership roles because he speaks very well, yet listens better. He's passionate about airplanes, flying, and tennis, but more zealous about his promises, self-discovery and faith. He can think on his feet in less than a heartbeat; and at best, he can laugh at himself, even when his magic tricks succeed only 97% of the time.”
  • Sasha ZeBryk, Owner, Sasha Speaks
    Professional Speaker, Author, Executive Speech Coach
  • “The skills and techniques we learned and applied worked to fully realize the potential of our Executive Team and our entire company.”
  • Marc Grenier, Vice President
    Studio Operations, Grynn & Barrett Studios
  • “Rick Forgay is a friend, a mentor and a compass. I have known Rick for a long time and his commitment to excellence has always been the thing that I have been in awe. The people that have worked with and under Rick's leadership respect him. The people that know him learn from him. The people that ask for his advice are always pointed in the right direction. In front of an audience, Rick delivers the goods. Whether he addresses business leaders, government officials or nonprofit leaders, they all learn something from this leader with heart.”
  • Al Getler, Publisher
  • “I have had a business relationship with Rick Forgay for the past seven years. During that time I have gotten to know Rick very well both personally and from a business standpoint. He is an outstanding professional with a “head and shoulders above” capability in the professional development and executive coaching arena. He has a talent for drawing people toward him and for providing a transformational experience. He can always be counted upon for creative thinking and sincerity in his business dealings. I give him my highest recommendation.”
  • Thomas P. McNeil, President
    TMI Executive Resources
  • “Before I worked with Rick, my business felt totally out of my control - I was afraid of goals and my marketing was random. I was not seeing clear results. In an unusually compassionate way, Rick guided me through and past my own subconscious barriers in business. I no longer fear goals - I love them! Through discovering that I can create and achieve my own goals, every action I take is with intention - clear, and strategized. I feel so organized and in control! My business is growing in ways I never would have expected. ”
  • Karoun Charkoudian, Owner
    Karoun Yoga
  • “Rick’s ability to initially demonstrate and build the link between personal beliefs and personal success is extraordinary. He has a finely honed ability to sense what a person feels is important and then project it into both aspirations and personal practices.”
  • Rus Peotter, General Manager
    WGBY Public Television
  • “Rick Forgay's passion and leadership can be found in both his personal and professional lives. Rick's love of his hometown community is infectious; the result can be seen in changing attitudes, enhanced goals and action toward improving quality of life in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. As a speaker, he uses personal experiences to motivate and strengthen the sense of possibility in his audience.”
  • Elissa G. Thorne, Vice President
    Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Inc.
  • “Thank you for the gifts you gave us through your knowledge, guidance, life skills and willingness to share your expertise have brought us to a high level of professional excellence, personally, as an executive and management team. As a unified team, we will continue to grow and I am energized with the possibilities.”
  • Dan Grenier, Vice President Sales, Marketing & Technology
    Grynn & Barrett Studios
  • “I have worked with Rick Forgay for 3 years. Ricks wealth of knowledge in the field of professional development is obvious to anyone who meets him. I highly recommend Coach Rick Forgay to any professional who is in need of fine tuning their game. Anyone can play the game, but with Rick’s real-world coaching and teaching process you will be in a better position to win!””
  • Debra A. Boronski Burack, Founder & President
    Massachusetts Chamber of Business & Industry
  • “Rick provided an immediate and dramatic impact in all areas of my life. He shatters negative self talk with his unique approach. His insightful coaching taught me that with a focused passion and a clear purpose you can achieve anything in life and business. Every session is thoughtful, powerful and provides a consistent vision towards achieving goals, based upon building and sustaining momentum over time, not a quick fix. In times of chaos, nothing is more important than having a passion and purpose in business and life. Rick will lead you to both and quickly realize that he provides exciting and insightful guidance that helps you enjoy all areas of life.”
  • Mike Ebner, President
    Concept Telecom, Inc.
  • “Working with Rick has been phenomenally rewarding. As a result of his Executive Leadership Coaching seminars, I experienced powerful, memorable and meaningful lessons that I continually use in my professional as well as my personal life. I count myself quite lucky to have met and worked with Rick, and value our relationship very much.”
  • James Hollister, Director of Radiology
    East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
  • “I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rick during a key turning point in my career. I just didn't know it at the time! Rick helped me get started on a journey of greater self-awareness that ultimately led to a new vocation. Thanks to Rick's guidance I'm thriving professionally, more importantly I'm also living out my faith life in my work.”
  • Ray Joyce, Director of Development
    Lazarus House Ministries, Inc.
  • “I love what Rick has done not only for our business, but what he has done for me personally. My husband and I own a Visual Branding Company. At the time I started Rick’s program I didn’t really like my job. I wasn’t happy but I just couldn’t put my finger on the reason. But here I am, 12 months later and I absolutely love my job! Looking back I now know exactly why I wasn’t happy. I had no plan! No focus! Now our company has a Statement of Purpose, a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. We have written Company Values. We have identified our Profit Centers, our Target Markets, and the most profitable methods of marketing. I have taken that information and created a marketing plan within our business plan that is well thought out and is a living, working document that I use daily! I have gone from being overworked and overwhelmed to being organized, focused and balanced in my professional life and in my personal life.”
  • Pam Boyea, Director of Sales and Marketing
    Lil’ Dogs Visual Branding Co.
  • “I worked with Rick for approximately one year through a Leadership Program that he designed specifically for The MRI Centers. It was designed to help our team members in the mastery of leadership. Rick’s leadership mastery program both created and taught a program that was inviting, encouraging, and facilitated an engaged team atmosphere. Rick is a stand up individual that one can count on for support, encouragement, and true professionalism.”
  • Janice L. Paulsen, RT(R), (MR), RN, Vice President Medical Technical Services,
    Operations, Marketing and Sales, MRI Centers.
  • “Rick Forgay, through his Business Leadership Mastery program, taught me how to create a solid business plan and a workable, affordable marketing strategy, track marketing success, and put together a realistic budget and cash flow. But what impressed me most is Rick's emphasis on building leadership as well as business skills, and creating balance so that you can enjoy work and life in tandem. With the program as my foundation, I've developed a strong support community in the business world, and the confidence to use what I've learned to define, sustain, and grow our business.”
  • Mary Knox, Managing Director
    KnoxworX Multimedia
  • “Working with Rick produced both immediate and sustainable results. His 24/7 availability insured that I had direct coaching through initial challenges. Rick also insisted that I identify and focus on my purpose and core values, and, then, live and work by them. This insistence was the key to achieving sustainable results. Over the last few years, I have grown as an employee – from one who was cited as “needing improvement with leadership skills,” to one whose leadership skills are “an area of strength.” Thanks Rick, for providing me with tools I can use for life-long success!”
  • Mark Zawistowski, Director
    Business Process Improvement
    Blackbaud, Inc.